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Dr. Charles U. Phillips New launch Fighting More Than Fires


Miami, Florida, Summer 2016 – Dr. Charles Phillips’ first book, Fighting More Than Fires, is set for a new launch in the Summer of 2016. Dr. Phillips’ goal is to engage and empower a new audience of people who are looking for validation and encouragement through his experiences, as expressed in his personal memoir Fighting More Than Fires.

Beyond a personal memoir of Dr. Phillips’ struggle as the first African-American fire Chief of Miami-Dade County (the largest fire rescue department in the State of Florida), this book provides a wealth of tips and strategies for how employees can deal with racism, sexism, and office politics in our 21st Century workplace. According to Dr. Phillips, “It’s time for employees to take back their power. They must stop allowing their co-workers to bully them.”

“Fighting More Than Fires” is the true story about the professional life of Miami-Dade County Florida’s first African American Fire Chief/Director, Charles Phillips. This autobiography details his rise through the ranks of the Miami-Dade Fire Department to achieve the highest honor of becoming chief, only to be accused of the unthinkable, and how Dr. Phillips fought to overcome and vindicated his name while battling the flames that threatened to destroy his career.

After experiencing the backlash of racism and office politics in the Miami-Dade Fire Department, Dr. Phillips made it his mission and commitment to help others fight back, extinguish, and survive the flames of working in corporate America through his heartfelt memoir.

With a full new launch scheduled for Summer 2016, Fighting More Than Fires has the potential to reach a whole new audience of those who may have missed its debut in 2013, who would benefit from reading about the struggles and victories of a kindred spirit who survived and thrived after an intense campaign of racism and office politics.

About Charles

Charles Phillips was born Wilmington, North Carolina but grew up in Miami, Florida. In his younger years, he recalls being enthralled as he saw fire trucks racing through his neighborhood; never imagining that he would one day head one of the largest fire departments in the country. In 2001, Chief Phillips was sworn in, in front of friends, family and community leaders, making history as Miami-Dade’s first African-American Director/Fire Chief.

Fighting More than Fires

In his first book “Fighting More Than Fires” an autobiography detailing his rise through the ranks; it is a story of how he began his career in 1974 as a young recruit and struggled to achieve the unbelievable; becoming the highest ranking Fire Official in Miami-Dade County, only to be fired in a hailstorm of allegations. Readers get an insight into his personal anguish and his struggle to “tell the truth” about why he was accused of the “unthinkable.”

Testimonials of Fighting More Than Fires

  • Chief Phillips does an incredible job of taking us behind the scenes to reveal the innermost issues within the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue department during his career. He displays remarkable courage in not holding back for the sake of political correctness. Chief Phillips’ remarkable story is told in gut-wrenching detail. His life-long journey is a fascinating story by any measure.Chief Karls Paul-Noel, (Retired MDFR)
  • Fighting More Than Fires is an exciting, exhilarating and educational book. Once you begin reading, it’s impossible to put it down.Florida Roberts
  • Fighting More Than Fires is a great educational tool. This book is a great example on how determination and perseverance can push you to the top. This should be required reading especially in our inner city schools. Chief Phillips overcame obstacles and faced the fears before him. This was a great read from start to finish.Officer Mozell Davis, Miami-Dade County Correction
  • Wow! This is a real eye opener; the author surgically taps into all kinds of emotions. I feel that I actually walked in his shoes.Debra Moore
  • Fighting More than Fires is a must read. As a former firefighter, I can relate to what Chief Phillips’ experienced. Being a woman, I have experienced so many attacks from male firefighters and so many attempts to demote me and take me down through false accusations, and frame-ups. This book describes the struggle to stay in a profession that we love. This book describes Chief Phillips’ passion for the job, and the grief and loss when he was taken down .Amandah Renaye Jones

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